I just got chills. It’s a feeling I think others get too, but I can never be sure. It’s my body’s physiological response to inspiration. I can’t seem to use full sentences. Too excitable.

For many, 18 days. 18 days of not going to work. 18 afternoons waiting on lines. Of thousands. Hundreds of thousands. 18 nights of unresolved conviction. Until moments ago.

I saw the NYTimes email update state that Mubarak stepped down.

My roommate just said a brilliant thought - “I bet there are a bunch of other dudes who are sweating right now. ‘Oh shit! If Mubarak just went down! What’s gonna happen to us?’”

The language surrounding the action of uprising was part of the power. We began with the Day of Rage. Day of Departure passed without resolution. Protesters pressed on. Now today. Farewell Friday.

It makes me think. What if we never invaded Iraq? Or even Afghanistan? Would they have been part of this social unrest?

To the best of my understanding, this world is the only one I will live in. We can’t run tests against the hypotheticals. But questions. You can’t learn without questions. One lesson I am trying to wrap my head around is whether an unfair distribution of wealth, power & food along with a broadband internet connection results in a more efficient democratically-inclined cultural revolution than an external nation can achieve with ten plus years, trillions of dollars and undefinable losses? That’s a hell of a question that I’m sure my government is asking itself right now.

Maybe time will tell. Maybe not. Someone will assume they know even if time keeps its secrets to itself.

Congratulations to the Egyptian people. You have personified both a nation’s and an international belief Edward Abbey said so well:

Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.